We would like to inform you of which personal data we store in conjunction with your visit to our website, as well as the purposes it will be used for.

A cookie is a text file that, when visiting or interacting with a website, is stored in your browser’s memory.The purpose of such data is to remember previous user settings and to provide a more personalised user experience, or to retrieve statistics, giving insight into user behaviour in order to optimise the website.

This website uses cookies but does not collect data that can be used to identify you, or that may violate privacy. You can use nearly all content on our website without providing your data. When we register and handle personal data, and the extent to which we do so when you use our website is described as follows:



 Green Footprint sends out newsletters for those who have consented and registered their e-mail address for this purpose by e-mail. Your e-mail will not be shared with others and can be deleted by request.  Newsletters are only sent to give you relevant information on our offers and business.  You can cancel your subscription with us at any time.


 Google Analytics

 This website uses Google Analytics as an analytical tool and information is stored on one of Google’s servers. This information is subject to Google’s privacy guidelines.  The website uses the “anonymizeIp” feature to anonymise visitor IP addresses, so that individual users cannot be identified.


From submission 

If you wish to use our contact form, or other forms on the website, the collected data will only be used by us, and only the extent it is necessary to perform customer service. You can ask to be deleted from our systems whenever you want.



 We store the information you fill out in the order form. This is used for customer service and QA for our GoOs. This information is not shared with unauthorised persons and is only handled by our employees. We delete this information from oursystem if customers request it. The information is necessary to operate our service and to perform customer service as best as possible.


Log files

 Like most other websites, we use log files. The information in the log files includes IP addresses, browser type, ISP, time of access, page referrals, etc. This information is not personally identifiable.



 If search features are available on the website, we will store information on which search terms users use in the search tool. The purpose of this storage is to make our information services better. Only search terms are stored, and these cannot be linked to other data on users, such as IP addresses.



 In the event we use YouTube to display videos, cookies such as personal settings and bandwidth information will be stored. Like Google Analytics, this is also subject to Google’s privacy guidelines


Google AdWords

 In the event that we use Google AdWords for a period to track actions as a result of ad clicks, Google will store information to customise advertisements for users based on interests and previous website usage. This targeting contributes to making marketing more relevant for you as a user. In accordance with Google’s privacy policy, information that can be used to identify individuals is neither collected nor used.