About Guarantees of Origin

Don’t know? Let’s explain fast and simple. When you put the contact into the socket from an electric appliance – a lamp, dishwasher, laptop etc at home or at work, you don’t know where or how your electricity is produced. The electricity from the power plants goes into a common European network and is taken out by consumers and businesses all over Europe. 

The power plants issue Guarantees of Origin on their production, and they are sold i a separate market, They are bought by businesses and people all over Europe who wants to set green footprints by securing that their energy consumption is renewable and sustainable. 

Now you have the opportunity to do the same as the large companies – use Norwegian renewable hydro power from the rainy and clean mountains of Norway. 

If you «turn green», the demand for and pace of developing renewable and green solutions increases. You do not have to change provider – we turn your existing agreement green!

You can take part of something bigger and make a difference. We know you can’t save the world on your own, but being a part of a movement that only consume renewable energy makes a difference,


For the time being, our Guarantees of Origin states that energy comes from Harpefossen power plant i the valley Gudbrandsdalen of Norway.